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With over 30 years of experience and is recognised by many groomers as a premium choice of products, Nature’s Specialties has been dedicated to providing safe and effective shampoo and coat care items to the grooming industry. With formulations developed and tested by a groomer for groomers, Nature’s quickly became a trusted source for innovative, quality products that help address specific skin and coat issues as well as providing solutions to alleviate problematic grooming tasks.

Nature’s Specialties continues to hold to its founding principles of developing “Products with a Purpose” while never sacrificing quality and safety, with their #1 selling product Plum Silky receiving the Barkleigh Honors Best New Grooming Product Award in 2014. An authentic home-grown brand with all products proudly made in the USA within their own facility, Nature’s has the perfect products for any salon.

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Shampoos are designed to treat a dog's more urgent need when it comes to skin conditions. From flaky/dry skin, essential-oil infused blends, stress-relieving formulas, and aiding in the relief of burns, Nature's has you covered.

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A selection of shampoos that are designed to treat a dog’s more urgent needs when it comes to skin conditions. From flaky/dry skin, anti-itch remedies, anxiety easing colloidal oatmeal and essential oil-infused blends and muscle soothing formulas, Nature’s has you covered.

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Fleas & Ticks can be a common problem for dogs, but Nature’s has a range of shampoos formulated with essential oils to make the perfect option for pest treatment. These shampoos provide a safe alternative to pesticides to get the job done.

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Conditioning treatments help to add a sleek finishing touch to a dog’s bath, Nature’s Specialties offer a line of exceptional conditioners which include popular ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil. With different properties including pre-bath, moisturising, de-shedding and finishing there is plenty of choices.

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As well as shampoos and conditioners Nature’s Specialties offer a range of speciality products including ones that treat itching, ear irritation, oral care and other on-the-go treatments. One of the most popular choices is the cologne touch-ups that keep dogs smelling their best.