Join Kayla as she talks you through her groom with the lovely Digit using Natures Specialties!

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Clippers and trimmers; let’s be honest we couldn’t do our job without them and it is so important to keep them clean and working to enable us to continue doing our job to the best standard possible. 

Kayla Breed Focus - Schauzer
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Kayla Top Tips For Running A Busy Salon

Everything you need to know -
To groom Schnauzers!

Kayla Breed Focus - Schauzer

Everything you need to know -
To groom Schnauzers!


How Kayla started out as a -
Professional groomer!

Kayla how to groom the pup-arazzi

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Introduction Kayla Harrison -
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"Hi I’m Kayla and I own 2 Left Paws, in Berkshire and I am Christies Direct Brand Ambassador 2021. I have been grooming professionally for over 10 years and I opened my first salon in 2014. I hold my OCN level 3 in grooming, have studied Pet First Aid and I am currently working towards my ICMG qualification. You might also recognise me from BBC One Pooch Perfect. I specialise in poodles, schnauzers, creative grooming and sassy little doggies that don't like being groomed, so have a lot of handling experience! I am also passionate about education and one day hope to open my own grooming school. Alongside running my salon and grooming I regularly compete in competitions and have earned lots of rosettes and trophies. I have also prepped and handled long-haired Brairds to podium positions at Crufts"

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